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Sailor Moon 11.5" Dolls by Irwin - Barbie doll sized figures

I have the following 12" Irwin Dolls for sale.  They are officially 11.5" inches tall.  These dolls are the original Canadian ones in the dark blue box.  I do not have boxes for any of these dolls.  If you are interested in purchasing any of these please contact me at the-couch-potato[at]

Princess Serena - $75

King Endymion - $75

Tuxedo Mask - $75

Sailor Chibi Moon - $75

Sailor Pluto - $150  hair is frizzy on the ends

Rubius (Rubeus) - $150
Wicked Lady (Black Lady) - $100
Emerald (fan included) hair is a little frizzy on the ends - $150
Prince Diamond - $200

More pictures are available by request
the-couch-potato [at]
Tags: black moon, diamond, emerald, king endymion, princess serena, rubeus, rubius, sailor chibi moon, sailor moon, sailor pluto, tuxedo mask, wicked lady
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