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More flats are available by request.  If you do not have a Livejournal account you can reach me at the-couch-potato [at]

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Magikarp & Gyarados items for sale

Magikarp items
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Gyarados Items
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Please contact me at the-couch-potato [at], just replace the [at] with @

Tuxedo Mask Plush by Irwin
$75 SOLD

Permanent GA List

Here you will find every GA I have ever hosted.  You will be able to find links to all of the GAs and their update posts.
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GA#16 - Won

GA#17 - Lost

GA#18 - Won

GA#19 - Won - update

GA#20 - Lost

GA#21 - Won - Payment Post - Leftovers

GA#22 - Closed - Did not raise enough for opening bid

GA#23 - Lost

GA#24 - Won - Leftovers

GA#25 - Lost

GA#26 - auction purchased before I could start GA

GA#27 - Won - Leftovers

GA#28 - Lost

GA#29 - never happened

GA#30 - Lost

GA#31 - Lost

GA#32 - Lost

GA#33 - Won Update

GA TFG - Won

GA#34 - Won - arrived Extras Sale

GA Zukanvas - Won - Waiting on shipment
More flats are available by request.  If you do not have a Livejournal account you can reach me at the-couch-potato [at]

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More flats available by request.  If you do not have a livejournal account I can be contacted at the-couch-potato[at]

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I have the following 12" Irwin Dolls for sale.  They are officially 11.5" inches tall.  These dolls are the original Canadian ones in the dark blue box.  I do not have boxes for any of these dolls.  If you are interested in purchasing any of these please contact me at the-couch-potato[at]

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Sailor PlutoCollapse )
Rubius, Wicked Lady, Emerald, & Prince DiamondCollapse )
More pictures are available by request
the-couch-potato [at]
Pokemon Takara Tomy 2" figures - Pocket Monster Collection - Imported from Japan & US versions
All are pre-owned.  Some may have scuffs or paint rubs.  More pictures available by request.

Pictures & Pokemon listCollapse )1st figure is $14.99
2nd through 9th figures are $10 each
10th through 19th figures are $8 each
20th and up figures $5 each

Pictures & Pokemon listCollapse )

Contact me at the-couch-potato[at]

Buying Pokemon Play by Play Plushes

I am looking for Pokemon plush and toys.  Especially, Hasbro, Tomy and Pokemon Center.  But I will would like to look at any collection.

I prefer to buy in lots, to keep the price down.

If you have any for sale, please contact me.


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